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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Offers competitive remuneration packages that include basic salary, allowances, annual performance bonus, mid-year incentive bonus, flexible incentive bonus, etc. as well as benefits such as social insurance, housing provident fund, commercial insurance, free breakfast and lunch, clean dormitories, free shuttle and parking, reimbursement of cell phone bills, birthday...


Employee Benefits


Offers facilities such as gym, café, basketball court and football pitch for employees to have some leisure time when they need it. The open office environment here makes every employee feel free to speak up and gives everyone a chance to get his/her career off the ground.


Employee Benefits


Its employees with supplementary health insurance, annual health check-up, clinic service, assistance in treating serious diseases, occupational health lectures, etc. as well as the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help employees cope with and reduce the pressure of work and life and do better in striking a balance between them.